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Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Relieved

I got my scalar delivered yesterday. I was so happy receiving it. I ran it with water on the output coil and bee pollen on the input. After just an hour I could really feel a deep relaxation. I ran just pure scalar through the night and when I woke up I felt more rested… Read More »

My achy all over pain is GONE and I slept!!!

Joe suggested using the Long Pain under the cancer protocol a few days ago for pain management and he put this link with his comment. I have various health issues and one of them is fibromyalgia. I’ve been having this horrible flairup lately for the past monthly and a half and can’t seem to find… Read More »

Cook: Raw Chicken Eye Muscle Ab

cook: history of handling raw chicken etc. hayfever. Got some pain in eyes (nose and eye corners also) and “light” chronic muscle pain for years. Broad spectrum antibiotics didn’t help. Thus it must have been Fibromyalgia or something? No solution. Had to learn to live with it. A remarkable note was some sort of allergy… Read More »