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Eye Floaters Disappeared After Using Spooky2

A success story! The past few years I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a big increase in the number of floaters in my eyes, as well as they are getting bigger and darker….they are very noticeable all the time. So a couple of months ago I ran a program for eye floaters and when I… Read More »

Floaters for Many Years has Getting Better Using Spooky2

I have been a fan and user of biofeedback for over 17yrs. When I finally had a chance to track down the Rife system and frequencies, I jumped in with both feet and bought 6 generators and 1 GX. As a biologist and practitioner, I still always approach everything with a bit of skepticism. To… Read More »

This machine is utterly amazing me!

This machine is utterly amazing me! I am severely nearsighted, corrected by contacts for over 53 years. My optometrist mentioned at my visit a month ago, that I sure have a lot of floaters. He always says that, but yesterday they got much worse, along with blurred vision in my left eye. Husband added “floaters”… Read More »

Floaters – A Preliminary Report

I have had multiple floaters for years. They cover the entire field of vision in both eyes and have gradually gotten worse as I have aged (Now 66). They range from specks to fibrous tangles. As they got worse, I would find myself thinking I had spotted an insect flying in my peripheral vision only… Read More »