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Floaters – A Preliminary Report

I have had multiple floaters for years. They cover the entire field of vision in both eyes and have gradually gotten worse as I have aged (Now 66). They range from specks to fibrous tangles. As they got worse, I would find myself thinking I had spotted an insect flying in my peripheral vision only… Read More »

My Floaters are Gone!!!!

This is so strange. I’ve been running “improve eye sight” non stop for at least 1 year”. That was one of the prime things I wanted to use Spooky for. I still need my glasses and I haven’t seen a great deal of improvement. But now that you mention it. My floaters are gone!!!! I… Read More »

7 Spooky2 Testimonies

Eyesight I get the two mixed up…I can’t see far away…I’m OK at short distance…short sighted-longsighted…….what ever it is…I can’t see far away…but its getting better with spooky on eye sight improvement frequency’s…its early days yet..but my eye examination test was encouraging.. The eye sight has improved not deteriorated ..It’s a step in the right… Read More »

Cancer, Chronic Lyme Disease, Eye floaters

My update: The cancer is gone!!! Chronic Lyme Disease is gone!!! Floaters in my eyes are dissolving away…my retinologist said that would probably never happen!!! So thrilled and continuing to use this technology to undue the other 7 diseases and issues that caused the cancer in the beginning!!! I will up date as the issues… Read More »

Eye Floaters

Update: 3 weeks later eye floaters have not returned! Treated a friend for annoying Eye Floaters with success. He said Monday they were really bad and annoying. I offered running frequencies. Ran Spooky2 remote for 2 days. Asked how they were doing, he forgot I was running Spooky2 said he did not have any that… Read More »