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Cold/Flu: Gone in 2 days!!

Hi all!👋Just sharing some news: my flat mate had a bad 2-week long seasonal flu & was in bed for most of it. I then got it, but I put myself on various cold/flu/immune/throat chakra programs & I was only half as bad & didn’t need to be in bed with only a sore throat… Read More »

I and my friends have successfully treated numerous ailments

Myself & a small group of friends have now been using Spooky with Tesla box & Phantron tube for about three years. We have successfully treated numerous ailments among ourselves & friends, such as concussion, bone fractures, headache, fatigue, gastric upset, kidney problems & prostate. We completely rely on it to zap that terrible flu… Read More »

Spooky2 Remote Works Well

I learnt about Raymond Rife through an electronics magazine around 20 years ago. I understand the complexity around building a stable and accurate frequency generator. The Spooky 2 generator and software is amazing for the price that it is set at. To date I have used the terrain protocol, a dental protocol and some updated… Read More »