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Here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems.

Two months! and here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems. Bell’s Palsy gone, sciatica gone, gamasoidosis stopped in me, my husband and our pets, bladder incontinence gone, insomnia stopped, frozen shoulder fixed, knee pain -gone, arthritis and slipped disc in our dog gone, thyroid rebuilding in progress, energy and vitality back, weight loss… Read More »

Thank You Spooky

Also a few weeks ago a client has a frozen shoulder and couldn’t move his shoulder without pain. After treating 1,5 hour with Phanotron tube there was 70 % recovery. The client had visit before several fysiotherapist but no result. After one week I treat again and booked 95% revovery. The client can do his… Read More »

Frozen Shoulder

Hi friends, The Morgellons Protocol contains two Programs which eliminated my own long-standing frozen shoulder very quickly. I don’t know whether it will work for you guys, but here it is anyway: Streptococcus Pyogenes (CAFL) Streptococcus Infection General (CAFL) S. Pyogenes is the one I suspect may have done most, if not all, all of… Read More »