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Mites and Fungus are Gone

I have had some good success with it. I recommend the plasma if you can swing it. It’s a little slower going with the essentials kits, but works great. not only for mites and fungus but so many other things. Source:

Feet Fungus Cleared

yes used my feet funghus, dilluted with a bit of distilled water, got all sorts of nasty stuff in that scan and then ran it. cleared all very soon. but came back later. but i ran it only once. so i assume i should have run it longer. Source:

Big Scalar Surprise! No More Toenail Fungus!

I’ve been using the Scalar for a year now and it’s improving my energy and strength due to 33 years of Fibromyalgia. But I recently noticed another improvement that I’d not paid attention to before. The toenail fungus I’d tried fighting (and finally given up on) for about 7 years was GONE! I never imagined… Read More »

Fungus in My Garden Vanished Using Spooky2 Remote

My neighbours tree was cut down few years back and the roots went under my garden. Where the roots grew beneath my lawn I would experience a weekly large line of toadstools that would grow on the surface of my lawn. Each week I would just go over them with the lawnmower when cutting the… Read More »