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Holographic Stickers With Vitamins Frequencies

I’ve tried a holographic sticker with imprinted frequencies and it works!!! For a few nights I have been waking up with the feeling of numbness in my hands. I knew it was due to deficiency in vitamin b12 and probably b6 as this has happened to me before. Also, I knew I needed magnesium, so… Read More »

BFB scans strengthed my immune system

The power of daily BFB High Frequency scans. A few weeks ago I posted my succes story, feeling ill but because of spooky it was gone way faster than before. This Christmas was another proof of the power of Spooky. I have all of us in Maintenence Detox, use programs when we face illness and… Read More »

Spooky2 Boosted My Energy

Tried the hz frequency settings for vitamins and mineral program which runs from 1am to 5 am while sleeping. I ran another program “Song of the Spine” during the day. That combination was a boost of consistent energy for me and programs I use frequently. Source: