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Spooky Resolves My Headache And Sinus

I am very pleased with your product. Many things I use it for I am unable to determine immediately what the results are but when you have a headache and don’t take any medication, using only Spooky2 resolves it within about an hour every time and the sinus pressure is gone within a few hours… Read More »

Spooky2 Changed My life

I purchased my Spooky2 after a TCM Health Practitioner treated me after I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle. I had a 7mm break in the clavicle, and broken jaw, with facial lacerations. due to a suspected broken neck I received CATScan, MRI, and 6 different X-Ray in emergency, all showing the… Read More »

Headache was Almost Gone

Had a bad headache. Assumed it was a yeast headache. Started running yeast general via contact with a 4 stage 0.05% wobble. Headache almost gone. Source: