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My Migraines and Headache Relieved

I love spooky2 GX! Success moment. Today I got into some MSG. I try to avoid it because it’s been known to give me bad migraines and not good for us. I haven’t had a migraine start like this in many years. Usually I can stop the reaction with Magnesium, Sarsaparilla and Benadryl and run… Read More »

I Know It Was Spooky!

I’m always wondering if spooky is really doing anything, BUT yesterday my husband and myself were having sinus headaches and congestion. He’s just getting over the flu and cold, and I’m on the verge. I ran several sinusitis frequencies, vitamin C, and headache. Amazingly both our headaches disappeared, we had some drainage, and we could… Read More »

EMF Shielding Cap Takes My Headache Away.

I usually get headaches and I figured it is sensitivity to EMF. I purchased the Spooky EMF Shielding cap and when I wear it, my headache go away….I told my husband people might think I am “spooky” if I tell them this cap takes my headache away. Source: