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Headache Went Away

So I had a headache that started Wed night of this week…the kind that doesn’t really stop one from doing things, but annoying at times. I REALLY didn’t want to take the meds, but gave in and took a dose of Advil and then a dose of Tylenol over the past few days. I would… Read More »

I and my friends have successfully treated numerous ailments

Myself & a small group of friends have now been using Spooky with Tesla box & Phantron tube for about three years. We have successfully treated numerous ailments among ourselves & friends, such as concussion, bone fractures, headache, fatigue, gastric upset, kidney problems & prostate. We completely rely on it to zap that terrible flu… Read More »

Feedback On Color Purple, Violet And Scarlet Frequencies For Migraines

For anyone here dealing with migraines, what helps me the most is the color purple, violet and scarlet frequencies. Out of all the migraines and headache programs, this ones have an immediate effect where the pain, pressure or attack is gone before the program even ends. Program is located under presets>miscellaneous >spectro chrome light therapy>headache>contact… Read More »