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Hemorrhoid and Knee Pain Improved

Hello Spooky Family, My successes with my Spooky2 system have been for small issues, but I am grateful for them. I have been able to heal a torn rotator cuff that involved nerve damage. I have been able to heal hemorrhoids for a friend using Spooky2. In 1999 I had a total thyroidectomy. Thyroid patients… Read More »

Hemorrhoids fixed

Hi good people, I am male,76, and try to lower my blood glucose by shedding weight. I reduced my weight by reducing quantities eaten to half of the usual, proposed by my wife at home. I also kept a diabetic diet, the best I could. Ten months ago I was 86 kg, now I am… Read More »

Hemorrhoid Gone

A friend requested some rifing because he frequently felt and looked bloated. I ran CAFL frequencies for Abdominal inflammation, Inflammation General and Intestines Inflammation using H-bomb square waves and the boost cable. After three days (but not nights) of rifing his bloating hasn’t changed a bit. However an external hemorrhoid he’s had for months went… Read More »