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Spooky2 Saved My Life More Than Once

Spooky2 technological equipment is superb. I have scalar, XM, GenX and lots of other equipment from Spooky2. These machines have literally saved my life (more than once) From my having h1n1, pneumonia, neutropenia, fungal infections and much, much more. I am getting back on my feet now and I am so greatful that John White… Read More »

I Wouldn’t Have Fully Recovered Without Spooky2

I bought the Spooky 2 remote kit when I had Lyme disease and 9 co-infections. My healing progressed much faster after I started using the device. I am now completely clear of Lyme disease. Not many people can say that. My specialist MD told me it can’t be cured only controlled. Well, I believe I… Read More »