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I Am Doing So Much Better

I took a month off and just ran the basic detox and blood cleanser. Both my husband and I got horrible colds.(Still recovering after 2 1/2 weeks…) I started the terrain program again on Sunday. This will be my 5th round. I am doing August version since I have multiple people I am treating. Overall… Read More »

Sucess with Molecular Weight Anti-inflammatory Frequency

Hello everyone! So, i were dealing with two kinda of inflammatory process: Proctitis and Gengivitis, my gengivitis was PRETY bad, herbs moutwashes wasen’t working. I decided to test MW frequencies for this. I’ve runned Ibuprofen MW with JW Molecular Weight preset (20 amp instead of 4) But also i did some research and discovered the… Read More »

Injury & inflammation

Thanks again for another great video Syy. I have a couple of Spooky2’s that I have been using for a while and I believe in them but looking for something to prove+ to myself that this works. I did a lot of tree trimming and yard work for about 6 hours and I was sore… Read More »