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Spooky2 is the best investment I have ever made.

I am using my Spooky2 equipment to control flies, mosquitos and ants and it is working like a dream! I have a specimen of each in one remote and am just amazed! I rarely see a live fly in the house and hardly in my courtyard and they are usually hanging out here due to… Read More »

Ants Went away after Spooky2

A few weeks ago I noticed ants in the house. I ran a spectrum sweep with one of them in the remote. I haven’t seen any more ants since. Took about a week, I think. Source:

Insect Control Update

This is the fourth day into my ant control/elimination experiment. I’m inclined to believe it’s working because there were only 5 ants in the bathroom, and maybe 3 ants in the kitchen. I deliberately left some food on the counter in the kitchen to see if they would still come in to eat the food.… Read More »

Spectrum Sweep for Insect Control

Hi friends, Recently, with spring on the way, I started to notice ants in my home. It took me a few days to find where they were coming from – the foundations, with access to the floor provided by an inner wall. Every day, I’d see about 20 or 30, brush them onto a fireside… Read More »