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I Have Good Results in Lowering Arterial Blood Pressure, Cancer, and Many Diseases

I’m a doctor of oriental medicine practicing in Honolulu, USA. I got the spooky2 scalar a few months ago with the intent to use it as a therapy for different ailments. I have had good results in lowering arterial blood pressure, cancer, anxiety, kidney function, toxicity from chemotherapy and radiation, insomnia, fatigue. All patients report… Read More »

Insomnia Overcame and Energy Boosted

Dear Echo, You emailed me to ask how I was finding Spooky2 after having it for 2 months. You can use the following as a testimonial if you like. After 2 months of owning a Spooky2 set-up I am now confident using it. I have two xm generators plus the usual attachments. I mainly use… Read More »

Cyst Dissolved and Sleep Better

Hello I’m very happy with Spooky! I treated a cyst that dissolved in just a few days, my friends who have problems sleeping just told me that after one month treatment they sleep more, and I’m doing a lot of other stuff. If I can suggest some edit, I would like to have the chance… Read More »

Here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems.

Two months! and here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems. Bell’s Palsy gone, sciatica gone, gamasoidosis stopped in me, my husband and our pets, bladder incontinence gone, insomnia stopped, frozen shoulder fixed, knee pain -gone, arthritis and slipped disc in our dog gone, thyroid rebuilding in progress, energy and vitality back, weight loss… Read More »