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Spooky2 Brought Huge Supreise to My Life

I have the following Spooky2 equipment: 3 gm, 1 gx, 1 central/plasma and 1 scalar. I started with just 2 gm devices about 3 years ago and finally been able to get the Spooky2 Central/Plasma and Scalar this year. I am a 51 year old Caucasian female who is very sensitive to EMF and was… Read More »

Spooky2 Relieved My Husband’s Symptoms of Polyneuropathy

So excited to announce that my husband’s itching is becoming less after 4-5 days of adding that program along with cold feet and hands to his polyneuropathy acquired and acute! Folks be patient because our machine works! Source:

THREE Success Stories

I have THREE success stories in just the past week. (1) Tonight, my wife realized that the biofeedback scan/remote kills that I did on her in late February have relieved a leg itch that had been an issue ‘…for years…’, and having been treated repeatedly by traditional medical practitioners, and their subsequent skin specialists(!) only… Read More »