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I Trust that Spooky2 Helped Me with My Breast Issues

I found a lump on my breast in July, 2014 and promptly went to see a doctor. After seeing my mammogram and ultrasound a week later, the doctor recommended an immediate biopsy and surgical removal if found to be malignant. I decided to first do research on alternatives before doing any of his recommendations. I… Read More »

Breast Lumps Disappeared Along With the Pain By Spooky

A few years ago a neighbor was suffering with extreme pain on her breast. After going to the doctors several times with no relief. Later she discovered several lumps on her breast. After she heard that I have a Spooky2 generator and asked if I could help I discovered she had Mastitis. I ran the… Read More »

Lumps Disappeared

About a year ago, a friend reported hard painful and noticeable lumps in her breasts. Aware of the dangers of punch biopsies, she eschewed testing. Instead, she ran frequencies for breast cancer and fibroids for many months without success. Acting on intuition about two months ago, she added Calcifications XTRA to four generators. Yesterday, I… Read More »