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Spooky2 Relieved My Lyme Symptoms

My story is related to Lyme disease. I come from Poland, I found out about Spooky2 on the forum. I have been suffering from chronic neuroborreliosis for many years. Nothing was helping me. Doctors also ignored my situation. I decided to buy the Spooky2 Advanced Kit. I have been using it since January and I… Read More »

Spooky2 Takes Care of My Health

I spent a year of my life searching for answers and listening to doctors tell me it was all in my head. I finally went to an integrative medicine dr who diagnosed me with Lyme, Babesia, and numerous co-infections. After one year of antibiotics and herbs – the Lyme is in remission but my stomach… Read More »

Spooky2 Given Me A Chance of Normality Life

I contracted Lyme Disease when on holiday in the French Alps. I did not know anything about Lyme disease and thought nothing of the tick bite. However of the next few months my health declined and long story short I found out that I had contracted Lyme disease. A friend who had the same told… Read More »