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Feedback On Color Purple, Violet And Scarlet Frequencies For Migraines

For anyone here dealing with migraines, what helps me the most is the color purple, violet and scarlet frequencies. Out of all the migraines and headache programs, this ones have an immediate effect where the pain, pressure or attack is gone before the program even ends. Program is located under presets>miscellaneous >spectro chrome light therapy>headache>contact… Read More »

Spooky2 Relieved My Migraine

I had a migraine – and when it’s bad (which it was that day) life doesn’t really feel worth living anymore. I’m new to Spooky, so I didn’t think to use it until I was about 30 hours in (my migraines usually last 48-54 hours). However, on my way to bed I passed the machine… Read More »