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Mitigating My Migraines Using Spooky2 Generators

For those who suffer migraines, I’ve hit on something that seems to mitigate the pain and duration considerably for me. This is fantastic since I’ve been getting them almost weekly since July. I run Song of the Spine (presets> miscellaneous >remote> Song of the Spine) on one generator and on another generator, I run remotely… Read More »

Plasma Helped with My Migraines Symptoms

For many years I get migraines approximately twice per month, usually triggered by stress, weird or little sleep, or similar. I find myself waking up in the night in quite bad pain and usually vomit several times. They last no longer than 24 hours so I suppose I am lucky. Anyway, lately, I started to… Read More »

I Have NO Doubt Rifing Works!

Although I haven’t used Spooky2 to treat anything major yet, I’ve used remote for general detox and other maintenance programs (meridians, allergies, digestive inflammation, liver/spleen support, spine etc). I have noticed changes in myself and my children and a bioresonance scan my son and I did with a naturopath showed significant toxin reduction load and… Read More »