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I Have NO Doubt Rifing Works!

Although I haven’t used Spooky2 to treat anything major yet, I’ve used remote for general detox and other maintenance programs (meridians, allergies, digestive inflammation, liver/spleen support, spine etc). I have noticed changes in myself and my children and a bioresonance scan my son and I did with a naturopath showed significant toxin reduction load and… Read More »

Migraines are Kept under Control

Positive feedback. I am new to Spooky2. I have not explored much but I wanted to share my story. I am a migrainer. I will try to keep a long story short. Several years ago I was on an elk hunt. It was a Thursday. I didn’t get one that day but I did help… Read More »

My Migraines and Headache Relieved

I love spooky2 GX! Success moment. Today I got into some MSG. I try to avoid it because it’s been known to give me bad migraines and not good for us. I haven’t had a migraine start like this in many years. Usually I can stop the reaction with Magnesium, Sarsaparilla and Benadryl and run… Read More »