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Spooky2 Does Help with Detoxing

I love this product and what it can do. I bought it for morgellons and I can really feel it working along with detoxing heavy metals, flouride, etc. There is a frequency program for just about anything you can think of and if you need help, the customer service is very reliable.

4-year Morgellons Disease was Relieved

On a positive note, I’d like to share that its been nearly two months using Spooky and life is suddenly getting easier, things are returning to normal in this Scientific Horrorshow called Morgellons. I never dreamed that I would survive this it has been 4 years of torture and every week before full moon culminating… Read More »

Spooky2 Gives You a Variety of Treatments

I have 42 xm generators and 2 genx generators as well as the spooky2 contact, spooky2 scalar. I have a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and a Diplomat in Energy Psychology and I am in private practice. I also am licensed as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Mental Health Counselor. I utlize the spooky biofeedback… Read More »

Achieving faster outcomes with Morgellons and Lyme

l decided to share my 20+ years of research on Morgellons and Lyme in a short, easy to digest form. l have read about the amazing perseverance of the wonderful people here on the forum and the amesome genius behind Spooky2. l have had wonderful success with Spooky2 and wanted to share what made my… Read More »