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Overall Health Seems to Be Improving

I have been using Spooky2 for over one year now relentlessly too. I am now able to bake for a Farmer’s market and a year ago there is no way I could have done that. Although, it has not rid me of the Morgellons condition, my overall health seems to be improving. When I stop… Read More »

Morgellons Mottling on the Thighs

Morgellons Mottling on the thighs. I did a killing last night for brain tumor, breast cancer and Cheilitis. I woke up this morning and noticed that the mottling on my thighs had lightened significantly. Don’t know if I have breast cancer or a brain tumor but both hurt when I do the killing frequency, especially… Read More »

Spooky Shakes Me up

I’ve been unsure about what the Morgellons protocol has been doing up till now because I haven’t had much in the way of herx reactions. However, I looked at my scalp after completing programs 1-4, Ringworm, Aspergillus, Epidermophyton…etc., and found this; a mass expulsion of particles. I’ve had Morgellons for 6 years now and have… Read More »

Morgellons Recover

Friends, for the first time in a long time I feel that there is some hope for me to recover from my poor health. I honestly had just about given up hope. I have felt I was dying for a long time. Thank you so much to the people at Spooky2. My skin is breathing… Read More »

Morgellons Update

Morgellons update: There are three people doing the protocal. Core phase II-Organisms. Step 2 Main – Fungi and molds . Programs 1-4 was ringworm, Aspergillius and more. Every one did fine for this set. Programs 5-8 Fungus and mold. One person got hot, had sweats for a day and had an awful smell that lasted… Read More »