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Spooky2 Scalar Has Performed a Miracle with My Sleep Patterns and Skin Problems

I Only discovered Spooky2 cutting edge gear just a few weeks before Christmas 2021. There is always a right time when good things find us!! Immediately set up the initial 11 plus day cleansing and elimination programs using the Genx Xmas kit via remotes and ordered a Spooky2 Scalar Xmas kit. Having realized the incredible… Read More »

Spooky2 Helped My Relative with His Oedema

J’ai utilisé pour un proche de ma famille Bernard qui souffrait d’une mauvaise circulation de la lymphe ce qui lui donnait des œdèmes aux jambes et une seule séances a suffit pour diminuer de 70% et à la 3è séance les œdèmes étaient complètement résorbés sans aucun médicament . C’est vraiment surprenant et agréable pour… Read More »

The Oedema Has Reduced by 80%

After one week on spooky central the oedema in my arms has reduced by 80%. Very happy. I presume anyone who is not able to customise their use of spooky can rely on the preset programs. Can I have confirmation of this please? Also can I do it twice a day or is that overload?… Read More »