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All Neck Pain is Gone

This works wonderfully, just listen twice, all neck pain gone. Somehow all the types of neck suffering and other types of healing frequencies from Frequency Heals are effective. I really hope others try, eventhough some of the Frequencies are very quiet yet they never failed me. Source:

Spooky2 Healed My Degenerative Fingernail and a Lot More

Spooky2 has been invaluable in multiple ways: 1. COVID-19 I lost my smell 1.5 years ago. I ran the COVID-19 Presets repeatedly along with the 11-day detox preset over and over, even back-to-back. My smell fully recovered. NOTE: My family is 100% NOT vaccinated! 2. In March 2023 I got COVID-Omicron variant. I started running… Read More »

Spooky2 Works On Any Form of Pain

It works so well for me and my friend for pain. I wish everyone had a spooky2 so they wouldn’t have to suffer. I just use the morphine frequency and that’s worked for me every time. If my back hurts, I add song of the spine. It worked for a friend with his dental pain,… Read More »

Back Pain Completely Gone

Here’s a lovely success story. A friends parents in their late 70s were visiting, both had terrible back pain, the gentleman’s was from an old spinal injury, the lady’s a recent car accident. He was used to living with pain, she was on strong pain killers that were wiping her out but only slightly dulling… Read More »