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Cold is Gone in 48 Hours Using Spooky2

Had 3 successful spooky 2 stories. First, my wife got sick, a cold that was going around at work. She was fatigued, had post nasal drip and felt awful. We used the tens pads and did spooky pulse biofeedback with the tens pads on her stomach area. I did two half biofeedback scans as she… Read More »

Hemorrhoid and Knee Pain Improved

Hello Spooky Family, My successes with my Spooky2 system have been for small issues, but I am grateful for them. I have been able to heal a torn rotator cuff that involved nerve damage. I have been able to heal hemorrhoids for a friend using Spooky2. In 1999 I had a total thyroidectomy. Thyroid patients… Read More »

My Journey with Spooky2 XM Generator

I first brought it to try to help my wife with some of her conditions rheumatoid arthritis and samter’s triad. She was very reluctant to try anything in case she had a reaction to it. I knew she could take bells mucus cough containing guaifenesin 100mg per 5ml. She was wearing hearing aids and they… Read More »