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Spooky2 Relieve My Swollen Spine In A Car Accident

Success! I was in a car accident a couple of days ago and my car was totaled. I was rear-ended whilst waiting for a light to turn green. I was hit so hard I thought my car had momentary after burners and I was being launched into space, lol. I definitely experienced shock and whiplash.… Read More »

Painful Swollen Knee Had Gone Within 3 Days

Success Story To Share: My hubby had a painful swollen knee and it just kept getting more and more swollen by the day. I was very concerned and went to work. I created the presets in the pics and it worked. It wasn’t overnight and took about 3 days but the knee is almost back… Read More »

Arthritis And Keen Pains Relieved

I ‘ve been loving this forum, such a great place to get questions answered! My husband and I have been using S2 for a couple of months now and are having some wonderful results. I have pain in both knees – one is bone on bone but I don’t want a knee replacement, and the… Read More »

Hip osteoarthritis pain relief

I visited my friend Sarah early December last year, barely being able to walk due to the relentless agony of my osteoarthritic pain in my left hip. Literally dragging my foot across the floor O couldn’t stand let alone walk much. Sarah has had a Spooky 2 for some time and she suggested I go… Read More »

Pain in my hip/lower spine Relived

Gosh I can’t explain how happy I am After my gym workout Monday I had same pinch like pain in my hip/lower spine on right side, i had it a few weeks ago also! Went to chiro yesterday still there this morning something I thought about when he asked me whether I had pain down… Read More »