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Spooky2 really is working

Just started using Spooky2 and noticed the symptoms of detoxing over the 11 day terrain procedure. That tells me it really is working. Then I ran a diagnostic BioFeedBack scan and found two things indicating a virus and a parasitic problem which I then ran the treatment for. It took several days for the after-effects… Read More »

My Ex-Husband’s Macular Degeneration Was Relieved

I have been running the Macular Degeneration programs on my ex-husband for several months. I am running them on both remote and plasma. He has a GenX and a booster, so we started there with the macular degeneration programs for remote. I added Preset Macular Degeneration JW (R) , Eye Disorders (R), MacD 1 (R)… Read More »