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A Dead Parasite Exit My Body

To the questions: Does remote work? And Can a healing preset kill? I say yes! All I ever use is remote on a healing preset. I was running biofeedback I had done on myself. Three days after running it 24/7, I had a dead parasite exit my body. It was nasty and smelled like death.… Read More »

Parasites In the Body are Killed

Dear Penny, Thanks for your reply. I have researched and tested a few programs, and it seems that worms in face/nose responds to the ascaris programs. Especially ascaris progs using Scalar, you will sense immediate twitching and wiggling and some start swimming around. Disgusting creatures- when I find out where they are, they can be… Read More »

Parasites on Plants Disappeared

Bonjour à tous! Je voulais juste partager mon expérience positive concernant les parasites sur mes plantes. Les plantes de mon jardin étaient infestées depuis des mois par des cochenilles farineuses, sans qu’aucun traitement n’y vienne à bout. J’ai donc décidé de “prélever” 2-3 bestioles que j’ai mis dans une remote et jai lance un “Spectrum… Read More »