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My Family Have Received so much Benefit From Spooky2

My family and I have been using Spooky2 for 3 years. It knocks out viral and bacterial infections in minute to hours. We have also used it for household pest and mold elimination. We have received so much benefit from it that we all recommend it highly. We know that this is not placebo because… Read More »


Hi Forum Friends, I wanted to share this Ant story with you. Now having ants in your home may not seem like a big deal, but when they have invaded every nook and cranny in your home it is. The ants in my home were everywhere, kitchen, bathroom – every room even bedroom. Sometimes I… Read More »

Success with Ants in the Remote

I also had some success with ants in the remote… I had almost all of them gone from 3 hills, removed that program and within about a week they were coming back… I assume more eggs hatched, so I would probably need to get new samples for the remote and start again… Source: