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Hi Forum Friends, I wanted to share this Ant story with you. Now having ants in your home may not seem like a big deal, but when they have invaded every nook and cranny in your home it is. The ants in my home were everywhere, kitchen, bathroom – every room even bedroom. Sometimes I… Read More »

Success with Ants in the Remote

I also had some success with ants in the remote… I had almost all of them gone from 3 hills, removed that program and within about a week they were coming back… I assume more eggs hatched, so I would probably need to get new samples for the remote and start again… Source:

Spectrum Sweep on the Ants

I´m running the spectrum sweep on the ants for 67hrs now. Ok, they are still there but quite a bit less, plus they are not as vital as they were. Let´s see…. Source: