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What was remarkable was not even that the gut sounds which were occurring every 5-10 seconds diminished greatly in severity and reduced in frequency to maybe once every few minutes.

I haven’t had that much experience with MWs. And the tests I’ve tried weren’t well thought out, so they were also not impressive. But I had to raise an eyebrow tonight when one of our little dogs jumped in my lap displaying discomfort and had, rather concerning gut sounds. I decided I’d try using MW… Read More »

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Here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems.

Two months! and here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems. Bell’s Palsy gone, sciatica gone, gamasoidosis stopped in me, my husband and our pets, bladder incontinence gone, insomnia stopped, frozen shoulder fixed, knee pain -gone, arthritis and slipped disc in our dog gone, thyroid rebuilding in progress, energy and vitality back, weight loss… Read More »