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Prostate Inflammation Reduced Noticeably

I first tried repeating existing frequency sets when I decided to help the prostate and I ran the 18 minute prostate frequency set three times on a contact healing shell. It did reduce the inflammation noticeably and took the heat off the organ. Today, the broad spectrum antibiotic contact set. 10 “greatest hits” and after… Read More »

BPH Helped & PSA Drop

Yes, Spooky2-Generator-X via my PEMF setup, helped my BPH almost immediately, and slowly dropping my very high PSA that was 8, then 7.19, then 6.2, then 5.9, will have another test in 2 weeks. Hope to get it down to 1.4 again. Had a UTI that might have gone to my prostate. knocked that down… Read More »