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Bruise and Acute Sinusitis Gone Using Spooky2

Bruise like spot on my leg gone in about 30 minutes! (Poctures beforw and after)I noticed again new spot this morning which, unexplained why they appear but I ran the 2 programs for bruises and circulation program, noticed after 30 minutes it is gone, or faded much, that’s great, I tried it first time. Besides… Read More »

Spooky2 Worked For My Sinusitis

I suffer from Sinusitis quite often. Since using Spooky2 Remote and noticed one particular frequency worked straight away, which was 2.5Hz. As a retired Electronic Engineer I can say without any doubt, Spooky2 equipment is manufactured to a very high standard. I’m glad that I had chosen Spooky Rife equipment and not other company units,… Read More »