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Highly Satisfied with Spooky2’s Effectiveness in Treating Common Health Problems

have been using Spooky2 products for years, I am very pleased with the results for common health problems, it is like having my personal doctor at home. Recently I have been treating with generator X parasite and candida infestations in my intestines, as I was SIBO diagnosed, in combination with a proper diet and vitamin… Read More »

Stressful Sinus Disease Relieved

So I am a Spooky 2 newbie who depends on my friend to walk me thru so much learning. My biggie is sinus and the right nostril cavity, ear, and #31 tooth. It has been a long time miserable agony popping pills. I want to say this is a journey of science, vibrational rife frequency… Read More »

Bruise and Acute Sinusitis Gone Using Spooky2

Bruise like spot on my leg gone in about 30 minutes! (Poctures beforw and after)I noticed again new spot this morning which, unexplained why they appear but I ran the 2 programs for bruises and circulation program, noticed after 30 minutes it is gone, or faded much, that’s great, I tried it first time. Besides… Read More »