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Not smoking for 6 hours

I got my son’s fingernails and ran the nicotine program, addictions, and melatonin. I called to ask him about his smoking. He surprisingly said, “I haven’t smoked in 6 hours! Keep doing it mom!” Woohoo! Keeping my fingers crossed it’s the Spooky!!! Source:

Tapeworms, Intestinal Parasites, Candida, Nicotine Detox, Craving, Withdrawal

A recent post on this forum got me to investigate the Spooky2 rife like software, signal generator, remote, pulse, and electrodes. The setup is very inexpensive, for me under $300 USD including the shipping for a XM 10 Mhz generator and the items listed above. I have a friend with a bad case of tapeworms,… Read More »


After a 20 year addiction to nicotine, I quit cold turkey two days ago. I didn’t use spooky, but I just did it. I have felt like a lunatic since I quit… Either extremely happy or extremely unhappy. Enter Spooky… I just put on nicotine withdrawl and nicotine craving and immediately felt relief. All I… Read More »

Nicotine Withdrawal

Hello All, Interim Report for Smoking withdrawal Lady was smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. In her sixties, takes no medication. Has been on program for two weeks. Today was her third day of only 3 cigarettes per day down from 20. She has lost the desire to smoke. Her circulation in her legs… Read More »