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A Cold Sore was Cleared Using Spooky2 Scalar

Hello everyone, I just want to share my experience. I’ve done some research and learned that copper is great for fighting against viruses. I’m not claiming anything but sharing my experiences. I’ve felt like a cold sore or maybe even a sore throat that was about to happen to me. I put the pure copper… Read More »

45min Later No Pain At All. This Thing is Amazing!

Yesterday I started getting a sore throat. Today I woke up and could barely talk. Lots of pain even swallowing my own saliva. I started the Sore Throat and Immune protocols using remotes. Laid down. 45min later no pain at all. This thing is amazing! Source:

Throat Much Much Better

Woke up late last night with a sore throat, did a quick gargle of Listerine and went back to bed. Woke up this morning and it was worse. I ran the Sore Throat set, square wave, 20 amp. As soon as I hit start on the program and the remote went on, I felt a… Read More »