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I’ll Never Be Without Spooky2!

Ten years ago, at 37 when my children were small my health deteriorated. I didn’t know why but google and talking to my Mum about my family’s health did. Mum said my nana had thyroid issues with pregnancy and a great Aunt who was institutionalized for mental health may have had undiagnosed thyroid problems. I… Read More »

Here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems.

Two months! and here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems. Bell’s Palsy gone, sciatica gone, gamasoidosis stopped in me, my husband and our pets, bladder incontinence gone, insomnia stopped, frozen shoulder fixed, knee pain -gone, arthritis and slipped disc in our dog gone, thyroid rebuilding in progress, energy and vitality back, weight loss… Read More »

Success in Ailments

I have been rifing since the end of Feb 2016. As I have shared it has helped me in many ways. In July I started rifing some friends and family with many successes. One thing that fascinates me is even though I am rifing for a certain ailment we are experiencing success in other ailments.… Read More »