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Spooky2 Works on Healthy as Well as Unhealthy and Dogs Too

I have used Spooky2 since December 2021. I used it on myself only for three weeks. I am 53 years old healthy and not using any medications and have no known illnesses. I had already done a frequency detox patch for a month before starting. I started with the Terrain program in one generator and… Read More »

Surprising results from Healing and Regeneration preset

About a week ago, I decided to try running the Healing and Regeneration preset, 24/7 on remote to see what it might do (presets>miscellaneous >remote>healing and regeneration-DB). I’ve noticed two surprising things are happening. Two spots that have been itchy (nerve ending itchiness) since my mastectomies back in December 2005 from my original bout with… Read More »

Tinnitus Relief – Action at A Distance

I am hoping for a testimonial in due course, but these results are just amazing. After only running the Tinnitus frequency set for a few hours using the remote noticeable results were flimsy. Holding the rods for any length of time was too uncomfortable and the plasma tube is way out of his reach, so… Read More »