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Schumann Resonance Preset Reduced My Tinnitus, Help Me Breathe Easier and Energy Boosting

I started running the Schumann Resonance frequency (presets~heal~remote~Schumann Resonator~JK) maybe 10 days ago and I’ve noticed a few things. My tinnitus is not quite as loud, I’m breathing easier, I have a bit more energy, I have a somewhat increased feeling of well being and I’ve lost 7 lbs without even trying. Source:

Spooky2 Works on Healthy as Well as Unhealthy and Dogs Too

I have used Spooky2 since December 2021. I used it on myself only for three weeks. I am 53 years old healthy and not using any medications and have no known illnesses. I had already done a frequency detox patch for a month before starting. I started with the Terrain program in one generator and… Read More »

Surprising results from Healing and Regeneration preset

About a week ago, I decided to try running the Healing and Regeneration preset, 24/7 on remote to see what it might do (presets>miscellaneous >remote>healing and regeneration-DB). I’ve noticed two surprising things are happening. Two spots that have been itchy (nerve ending itchiness) since my mastectomies back in December 2005 from my original bout with… Read More »