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The Wonders Spooky2 Did On My Son’s Tooth Cavity

Wow wow wow, I am completely blown away by this. We noticed a cavity forming on our 7yr sons tooth so on Tuesday night and Wednesday we started using David Halliday’s preset no12 for Teeth & Gums Decay & Restoration in Spooky 2 running on Remote 24hrs a day and we used the MP3 of… Read More »

Oral Health Improved

I just wanted to share a testimony. I’ve had deteriorating mouth health for a while. Cavities, lost 2 teeth, loose teeth, weak gums, an abscess lump on my bottom gums, and random pain (which I’ve been about to cure and then it comes back). I just got the spooky 2 remotes last week. I ran… Read More »

I used Scalar to imprint a glass of water and felt better right away

Hi. Firstly after my dentist today, I used ibuprofen in my scalar spooky2 to imprint a glass of water… Yes, it does work😀. I felt better right away, gradually getting better,… I imprinted two small glasses.. After two hours almost back to normal….. I’m amazed. Source:

Teeth pain resolved

RESOLVED: Teeth pain Three and a half months ago I had three mercury fillings removed and replaced with white fillings. This resulted in over three months of excruciating pain. I put a post on here asking for solutions and I received many kind comments offering solutions. I tried them all, especially nerve pain healing, teeth… Read More »