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Spooky2 Helped My Patient Back to Work

I have a patient with a breast tumor, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, both Spooky2 scan and live blood analysis, showed no cancer but a fluke, we treat her weekly with Spooky2, supplemental herbs, far infra red blanket and monitor progress with live blood analysis. She is back to work, got her energy back,… Read More »

Spooky2 Maintained My Maintenance Program

I have already done several success stories and videos. I ran about 20 programs on remote for 2 years thinking I would have to run them forever. Pseudo tumor cerebri is considered incurable. I called this my maintenance program. A few months ago I did a bfb scan without running anything else for several hours… Read More »

Spooky2 IS Amazing

A colleague had a tumor in the hypothalamus, inoperable, her head was swollen and she was in pain. I treated her with spooky, she is now healthy in less than a month. A friend was intoxicated with substances, he had entered a diabetic coma, I saved him with spooky. A friend had parasites for many… Read More »

I Trust that Spooky2 Helped Me with My Breast Issues

I found a lump on my breast in July, 2014 and promptly went to see a doctor. After seeing my mammogram and ultrasound a week later, the doctor recommended an immediate biopsy and surgical removal if found to be malignant. I decided to first do research on alternatives before doing any of his recommendations. I… Read More »

My Sister’s Tumor had Shrunk Using Spooky2

My sister has breast cancer that has been spread to her lungs, the doctors in the hospital gave her up. She only gets medication because her tumor grows with hormones, so she doesn’t get chemo or other things. Now we now a friend who has a plasma tube and she was diagnosed in January 2016… Read More »