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Good Outcome for a Family

3 years ago, a couple came to me for their 7 years old daughter who had a brain tumour. I worked with her with 2 sessions of plasma tube during a week. 3 months later, the mother called me because the girl was out of white cells before receiving her chemo. I told her to… Read More »

Spooky2 Helped My Patient Back to Work

I have a patient with a breast tumor, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, both Spooky2 scan and live blood analysis, showed no cancer but a fluke, we treat her weekly with Spooky2, supplemental herbs, far infra red blanket and monitor progress with live blood analysis. She is back to work, got her energy back,… Read More »

Spooky2 Maintained My Maintenance Program

I have already done several success stories and videos. I ran about 20 programs on remote for 2 years thinking I would have to run them forever. Pseudo tumor cerebri is considered incurable. I called this my maintenance program. A few months ago I did a bfb scan without running anything else for several hours… Read More »