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My Granddaughter’s Wart Had Flattened

First visual success…I have been running a common wart protocol for 2 weeks for my granddaughter (she has had a large one for well over a year)…she visited yesterday & said “Look Memaw, my wart if flat!” it is almost totally gone, I will run it for a couple more weeks to be sure 🙂… Read More »

Warts Gone Using Spooky2 Remote

warts verucca (CAFL) remote … Took 8 weeks 24/7. Started seeing a difference after 3 weeks. Source:

My Warts Gone Just After Two Treatments with Rife Machine

Here’s proof! This was a wart that died and fell off from 2 treatments (warts and skin tag channels). This pic is before the first treatment. Before the first treatment. This is what happened after ONE treatment for warts and skin tags. GONE!!! After 2 treatments! Source: