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Warts Gone Using Spooky2 Remote

warts verucca (CAFL) remote … Took 8 weeks 24/7. Started seeing a difference after 3 weeks. Source:

My Warts Gone Just After Two Treatments with Rife Machine

Here’s proof! This was a wart that died and fell off from 2 treatments (warts and skin tag channels). This pic is before the first treatment. Before the first treatment. This is what happened after ONE treatment for warts and skin tags. GONE!!! After 2 treatments! Source:

The Wart Dried up and Disappeared in 4 Days.

I had a wart on my hand, I could have just used a fingernail clipping with remote, but I clipped a piece of the wart, wrapped it in paper tape and put it in the remote. I ran general wart frequencies (no BFB) and the wart dried up and disappeared in 4 days.

Warts on My Hands

I have had warts on my hands for years after one treatment with the warts “Condylomata Basic Set” with the direct contact I put the one pad on my inner thigh and the other directly on the wart. Took about a week but the wart is now gone!! I used 50% duty cycle, 20v amplitude… Read More »