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Warts on My Hands

I have had warts on my hands for years after one treatment with the warts “Condylomata Basic Set” with the direct contact I put the one pad on my inner thigh and the other directly on the wart. Took about a week but the wart is now gone!! I used 50% duty cycle, 20v amplitude… Read More »

Filiform and Planar Warts

In 2013 when I received the Spooky UDB generators the first thing that I think was that I needed to try to run the frequency sets in some disease where I can see some physical change so that I can be sure that it is not a placebo effect. I suffered for years of many… Read More »

Warts Treatment

Have had success with my nephews with warts First Used CPS freq for Human Papiliovirus 1, 2 , 4, 27, 29, 3, 10, 28 29-12-2014 1-2-2015 2nd Used same set but no success, tried a biofeedback scan using Human papilliovirus Prov 2-1-2015 3-1-2015 Only started this set on Fri 27 Feb 2015 Still there but… Read More »