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New Spooky2 new health

Would send photo but image to large… All working well..BFBs going well along with kills.. Very happy.. Ordering more soon

BFB scans strengthed my immune system

The power of daily BFB High Frequency scans. A few weeks ago I posted my succes story, feeling ill but because of spooky it was gone way faster than before. This Christmas was another proof of the power of Spooky. I have all of us in Maintenence Detox, use programs when we face illness and… Read More »

Knee and Achilles Heel issues Have Gone!

Success Story I am very new to the Rife machine. 1 month in. I have been suffering for months and years with knee and Achilles heel issues. I had an MRI and was told I need a knee replacement but because I am so young they don’t want to do it yet. my main pain… Read More »