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Great Nights After Using the Dreams Preset

For all my lucid dreamers out there! This made me a true spooky believer. I made up this ‘Dream’ frequency combo using the shell preset Kill or Heal-DH. I ran it every night for a few weeks, and every night I had vivid/lucid dreams! This alone was worth every penny! I added duplicates for some… Read More »

Eye Floaters Disappeared After Using Spooky2

A success story! The past few years I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a big increase in the number of floaters in my eyes, as well as they are getting bigger and darker….they are very noticeable all the time. So a couple of months ago I ran a program for eye floaters and when I… Read More »

Spooky2 Saved My Son From Vomiting and Stomach ache

Vomiting and stomach ache stopped to my 5-year-old son doing only detox maintenance. Amazing results. My son got up in the morning sick and pale, but with no fever. Started doing detox (10v) and after only 3 hours, the stomach ache and the vomiting stopped internally. The color came back to his face and he… Read More »