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Spooky2 Relieved My Lyme Symptoms

My story is related to Lyme disease. I come from Poland, I found out about Spooky2 on the forum. I have been suffering from chronic neuroborreliosis for many years. Nothing was helping me. Doctors also ignored my situation. I decided to buy the Spooky2 Advanced Kit. I have been using it since January and I… Read More »

Mitigating My Migraines Using Spooky2 Generators

For those who suffer migraines, I’ve hit on something that seems to mitigate the pain and duration considerably for me. This is fantastic since I’ve been getting them almost weekly since July. I run Song of the Spine (presets> miscellaneous >remote> Song of the Spine) on one generator and on another generator, I run remotely… Read More »

Spooky2 Worked after 48 Hours

What a difference 48 hours made with Spooky2. My brother became very ill. I thought he may have to go to the hospital. I told him to update his hospital/doctor directive paperwork, thinking he was at least going to need to see a doctor, who might send him to the hospital with the problems he… Read More »