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Well Quantum Physics!

Well quantum physics!!! My ex wife and myself are doing the 11-day detox via remote… the liver and intestine section we were feeling twinges and some cramping… pee was a lot darker so that must be the removal of toxins… Source:

Flea and Mosquito Reduced

The article has links to eight youtube videos. One cannot get better sources than that! I’m not doing anything resembling science here, but when I see almost no fleas on our cats and a high reduction of mosquitoes despite a incredibly wet spring and early summer (with people in other parts of the city and… Read More »

Remote is NOT a Result of a Placebo Effect

There are two experiences I’ll share which have me convinced the remote is NOT a result of a placebo effect: 1). When first running the remote, I had decided to run the Terrain Protocol. Without my sister knowing, I had placed her DNA sample [fingernail clipping] in the remote (She and I had discussed the… Read More »