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Spooky2 Helps Me With Everything From Physical Pain, Emotional Discomfort, and Animal Therapy

Hi I thought I share my experience with Spooky2. This device is my life saver and it is my rescuer to everything from physical pain, emotional discomfort to animal treatment.Tonight I came home with lower back pain and felt so weak, and I just did BFS and treatment with penetron tube, after 90 min treatment… Read More »

Spooky2 Blows My Mind

Spooky keeps blowing my mind… a few months ago my ten year old laughed when eating a piece of burger patty, and then said it hurt to breathe. After making sure he wasn’t choking or unable to breathe, I ran a Biofeedback scan on him, and the minute I started running his Biofeedback Frequencies on… Read More »