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Success on Using Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia

He tratado pacientes con neumonia con plata coloidal: colocado en un nebulizador entre 5 y 10 minutos con bastantes éxitos. Translation: I’ve treated patients with colloidal silver pneumonia: placed in a nebulizer between 5 and 10 minutes with quite successes. Source:

I was diagnosed with a big problem a compromised immune system. I’m so happy with my results using Spooky2 colloidal silver.

Giving thanks to the Spooky2 team and the Spooky2 family. I would like to express my thanks my Spooky2 journey began when I was diagnosed with a big problem—a compromised immune system. When I searched for natural and or alternative ways to battle the effects of a compromised immune system, I heard about colloidal silver.… Read More »

I love spooky!

Dear Echo How do I feel about using Spooky 2????? I’m utterly utterly stunned.blown away by it all. It is truly truly amazing and I cant thank you and your little team there enough. For two reasons (a) because it works and its amazing and (b) because you have kept the costs affordable to people… Read More »