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My sister’s sneezing and allergic reactions have not returned after using Spooky2

My sister had a severe allergy attack of constant sneezing that lasted all day and night, by the morning she was over it and wanted relief. She doesn’t have allergic reactions to anything, til now. We have the Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro with the Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin, which were placed in her nostrils. Then she… Read More »

I have not taken even one heartburn pill for 4 months since I’ve used Spooky2

I have combined several programs into 3 different programs that I run on 3 remotes 24/7 on my GenX and XM generators. This morning, after breakfast, I noticed my heartburn issue was acting up…very uncomfortable and painful. I checked the program, and it was running one of the other frequencies that I had combined with… Read More »