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Spooky2 Ended Up My Pneumonia From An Ignored Sinus Infection

I have been using Spooky2 for the last year, along with five other siblings that have their various Spooky’s. I’m a fan of the Phanotron plasma tube when I ended up with Pneumonia from an ignored sinus infection. I’d been using a ‘harmonic’ Clark Zapper from the internet as my ‘go-to’ for sinus infections but… Read More »

Spooky2 Scalar Has Performed a Miracle with My Sleep Patterns and Skin Problems

I Only discovered Spooky2 cutting edge gear just a few weeks before Christmas 2021. There is always a right time when good things find us!! Immediately set up the initial 11 plus day cleansing and elimination programs using the Genx Xmas kit via remotes and ordered a Spooky2 Scalar Xmas kit. Having realized the incredible… Read More »

Daily Record on The Effect of Scalar

18/11/21 Setup with the transmitter and received on opposite corners of the bed facing each other and the link cable going around the bed – While lying in the middle of the bed today, in the field for the first time I felt very sleepy but did not sleep, though when Jade lay down in… Read More »