Conjunctivitis in Left Eye

By | September 30, 2016

On 24th September 2016 Saturday night my teenage son who is autistic and speechless developed conjunctivitis on his left eye amidst his cluster of 7 seizure attacks during the day. As I was too engrossed in taking of him because of his epilepsy, I overlooked his eye problem until on Sunday night (25/09/2016) I suddenly remembered that I should have used Spooky2 for him. So very quickly the following frequencies for JW Healing Remote were uitilized:
1. Conjunctivitis Diseases (KHZ)
2. Conjunctivitis (CAFL)
3. Conjunctivitis (KHZ)
4. Conjunctivitis (XTRA)
5. Immune System Improve (XTRA)
6. Immune System Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)

On Monday night (26/09/2016) his left eye has recovered 80%.
On Tuesday night (27/09/2016) recovery has hit 95%.

I will be running these healing frequencies till Wednesday night to conclude whether to stop.


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