Couldn’t be more pleased

By | March 3, 2023

Couldn’t be more pleased
I was looking through Rife Machines online, shortly after participating in a life changing Ayahuasca ceremony. I had requested information from Spooky2 and many other companies here in the states. The ONLY response I got was from Anna Gu at Spooky2. And it was quick. Like the next day I think. At first I thought the others might be better because they were 2-3x the price. I was wrong. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, AND THE PRICE. I will be getting the Plasma Unit soon. I have used the quantum remote, contact, tens, gloves, and wraps so far. And I have used them on Many ailments, some minor recent ones to some that have plagued me for many years. I even had a toe injury that caused me nerve damage and an “ugly disfigured toenail” that I’ve had since 2003 that has NEVER gone away. It’s healing up already and the nail looks way better. I use it on my pineal gland to decalcify it. I’ve used it on my bulging disc injury that I’ve had since 2005. I’ve used that biofeedback scanner remotely and it is awesome, I found stuff I wondered about but couldn’t pinpoint the cause. I’ve used it on Herpes Zoster that caused Bells Palsy back in 2012, and caused intermittent recurring uncomfortable shingles since then. The recent flare up healed up very quickly. And my face is looking normal again. I hope it’s gone for good. I’ve used it on the water I drink, on the crystals I have (charging), and for colloidal Silver water. I’ve used it on my dog, contact and remote. And so much more….

The software is programmed for so many things it’s actually overwhelming. It’s completely tunable down to the waveform, frequency and amplitude if you want to experiment. You can program it to run at specified times, off and on, with the DNA sample remote that works with Quantum entanglement and treat yourself even if the unit is at home, and you’re on a ship on a cruise on the ocean, which I plan to do next week in fact, lol. Or wherever you are, work, play, vacation.

And as far as support, seminars and questions, I’ve never experienced such a commitment by a company to provide the best service I’ve ever had.

Hands down, I love it, if you couldn’t get that from the description above.

I’m going to buy more and send them out to my close friends soon.

It’s a must have for those who have lost their trust in Pharma and the corrupt medical field who only treat symptoms with medicine that causes way more future harm than good, to keep you trapped in their money making “health” schemes. Nikolai Tesla’s technology and Rife’s frequency healing research, which this is based off of, is well known and globally famous for accuracy. Every single thing in the world is Frequency, Vibration and Energy, it’s absolutely true.

Don’t forget to ask for Anna Gu in sales. She’s awesome.



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