Covid Risks Reduced with Spooky2 Treatment

By | December 3, 2020

As an Acupuncturist and one that has had his Spooky2 machine for a little under a month, I have had my doubts as to what I was getting and what it could do. I have heard a lot of good things from friends and through research, I felt that this was the unit for me to see if Rife technologies were going to work. So I have been playing with the BFB and other programs to see what possibilities there are. I did this to see if it could not only benefit my family but to benefit my patients.

So as I am testing the machine, my wife was playing on the worship team at church. A few weeks ago she was called by the church and told that the team leader she was playing with had tested positive for Covid. Knowing that the team was in close contact we decided to use everything we could to keep my wife from getting Covid. We used herbs, vitamin C and acupuncture to start. Then we ran a biofeedback scan on her. According to the results, there were a few viral loads that her body was fighting off. So we ran the heal and kill protocol with the biofeedback scan for two days. Then we did another scan which showed that her body had cleared the viruses that the body was trying to fight off.

We have been running a biofeedback every other day and the kill and heal protocols for a week after hearing about the worship leader. After 1 week my wife never showed a symptom. Each biofeedback scan subsequent to the first one never showed a virus. This has been great news for us and made us into believers of using the Spooky2 to heal and prevent diseases. Also, after that week, of the 6 people that were on the worship team, my wife was the only one that did not test positive or show a single covid symptom.

Overall, I will be looking to get a few more and make sure that the family is taken care of in case anyone else becomes a close contact as well as possibly adding this to my practice.


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