Daily Record on The Effect of Scalar

By | December 23, 2021

18/11/21 Setup with the transmitter and received on opposite corners of the bed facing each other and the link cable going around the bed
– While lying in the middle of the bed today, in the field for the first time I felt very sleepy but did not sleep, though when Jade lay down in the middle of the bed with me, also first time in the field, she fell asleep within a few minutes and stayed asleep until I woke her an hour later then she fell asleep again, at 5pm when she normally would not sleep, so seems it has a calming, sleep aiding affect which is what I was hoping for
– 19/11/21 First night doing scalar treatment for whole night, 12 hours, woke up more than usual but went back to sleep fairly quickly, had more dreams than usual and remembered dreams which have not done for years since going on medication
– 20/11/21 The day after doing first night scalar treatment am in a fair bit of pain left hip left leg and lower back, which would have been from overdoing it yesterday setting scalar up, did a lot of lifting and bending, and did a lot of arranging of power cables, also a lot of bending, also have low cortisol today, also from overdoing it, maybe better to just do a few hours of scalar and build up, but the field works so hopefully will become beneficial in time
– 25/11/21 did scalar treatment for the 2nd time, 12 hours while sleeping, slept on normal side of bed, noticed better sleep and better energy after sleep, can feel the field and it has a comfortable feeling, like being wrapped up in a blanket, and seems to have reduced back pain, which was very bad for the past few days due to overdoing it, but scalar seems to have helped, will continue using it every night, it certainly helps a lot with dreaming, which has been dead for me for years due to meds
– 26/11/21 slept in scalar field for 3rd time last night and slept straight for 9 hours which has not happened for years, since cortisol the best I could do was 2 or 3 hours, so 9 hours was amazing and no signs of PLM, tossing turning, and major improved dream recall, and the left leg, hip, lower back pain I had improved, but now right side lower back is very painful and nerve pain feeling in right leg, no idea what the pain is about or why it moves like that, but scalar seems to help a lot, hopefully the pain will improve overall soon
– 28/11/21 continuing to use scalar during 12 hour sleep, still seems to aid sleep and improve daytime energy and very slowly improving lower back pain / leg pain / sciatica
– 1/12/21 a mole on my right arm that I’ve had for years is suddenly gone, it had been growing lately and was quite high above the skin level and very black, looked just like the melanoma mole and we had planned to get it checked, it certainly was not something that could be squeezed off or cut off, it was a solid mass part of the skin, but unexpectedly it was just gone today like it had just fallen off, which didn’t seem possible, could be normal but seemed quite bizarre as it was something I was used to having for years and now it’s gone like it was never there, days after starting scalar
– 3/12/21 increased energy and strength and now able to raise from sitting or lying position to standing position without having to push myself up with my hands, and without the uncomfortable effort of doing it. For the last few years I have not had enough strength in my legs to lift my own body weight and so I had to bend a lot as could also not squat down which causes back pain, putting too much strain on the back, but now I can squat down and get back up all using just legs. Though I’ve had the energy to do it in the past I seemed to have lacked the actual strength
– 5/12/21 have much better strength, not just more energy, but strength in muscles and can now sit down and get up or lie down and get up without having to use my hands to push up or ease down to assist as legs have not been strong enough for the last few years, since I was seeing the physio at home, she suggested using hands to assist, just amazed at the sudden improvement
– 23/12/21 overall health still improving which has enabled me to reduce several medications which was not possible before scalar therapy

Source: Tom Aysom

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