Dog’s ACL/CCL Torn NO Surgery & SAVED $10,000

By | June 11, 2024

I’m here with my dog Bourbon and he wanted to share a little bit about his story so that we can help other pet parents know that there are other holistic and alternative methods out there to helping your dog on their road to recovery and healing. So a little bit about Bourbon’s story. He was running let’s say, and it was a rainy day and he went to run up the steps and he skipped a step and landed spread eagle and left out a huge yell. Now he did have scars and open slashes on his legs and stuff, but he just limped around for a little while, and then he seemed to kind of go back to normal, so I kind of just brushed it off a little bit, he didn’t seem to be too phased by it. Fast forward a couple weeks, and he one morning could not get out of his bed, he literally could not use his two back legs, and it paralyzed me as a pet parent because I did not know what the heck to do and what was wrong. So thankfully, my son carried him down the steps for me, got him in the car and we took him right to the vet, so they confirmed that he did, in fact, severely tear, basically completely both of his ACL or what’s called a CCL in the dog lingo. And they said that he needed surgery to heal and recover, however, he was only 8 months old at the time, and they would not do surgery on him because his growth platelets were still open in his legs. So they sent me home with an injured dog, and said bring him back when he’s a year old, and they would do the surgery. Now the surgery mind you was going to cost $5,000 per leg, and 2 months recovery in a crate while he was recovering, and the surgery had to be done one leg at a time so that would be $10,000 and 4 months of him being in a crate. That doesn’t sound like a good solution to me. So I did some research, and I of course came across Rife frequency technology, so this is my Rife machine, and it is the GeneratorX Pro by Spooky2. This is the only equipment I will use, because this company is absolutely amazing, they are not in it for the money, and all they care about is helping people take control of their health. So this is a little Remote adapter, it has two essential Remotes here, so I can connect two of these or I can connect another method which I’m going to get into, so I can run two separate frequencies at the same time, okay, and this connects right to your computer, to your laptop. So before I get into the other tools that come with it, the software is free to download to anyone, so you could even go to Spooky2 website right now, and download the software, which I encourage you to do, because it will give you an idea of how large their database is. Any ailment, disease, anything that could potentially affect the body is in this database. So I encourage you to go to Spooky2 and download their software, just to kind of look around and see if maybe your ailments are in the database, because I bet you they are. So now let’s get into it, the first thing I did with Bourbon is I took the connectors and I hooked him up to the tens pads,so what I did is I took the tens pads and I placed them on the inside of his thigh by where his knee is, so right around where the actual ACL or CCL would be located. And then I ran what we call a biofeedback scan. Now, he feels so amazing when he’s getting these frequencies, that if I’m in messing with the rife machine and getting something ready, maybe for myself or a client, he will actually come over and be like, hey, thinking he’s going to get a session. That’s how much he loves it, because he knows it’s making him feel better. Now, the other bulk of it is I ran an 11 days detox on him, so this 11 days detox, it detoxes their bodies from heavy metals, bad pathogens, parasites, and all the toxins that are not supposed to be in there. So with running his 11 days detox, doing his biofeedback results, and just running healing frequencies to him intuitively. And I am ecstatic for him because I have my dog back, and my wallet thanks us too, not going to lie. So I really do encourage you to look into Rife technology, and this has been an incredible tool. And keep your eyes open for the amazing videos of Bourbon running around being his dorky self, because it is exciting. Thank you so much, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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