Escherichia Coli Bacteria

By | May 11, 2016

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your email and sorry for the delay in my answer. I wanted to wait for the results from a test for E coli of someone I was trying to help with Spooky 2. My best friend’s mother has been suffering from infections caused by Escherichia coli bacteria for a couple of years. She was treated with a variety of antibiotics and they were helping less and less with time. The last antibiotic the doctors prescribed to her upset her stomach to such an extent that she stopped taking it before finishing the course. She was really desperate and waiting for me to come from New York and try to help. (She is in Bulgaria).

I used E Coli 1/2 and 2/2 CAFL for 6 days and on the 7th day she had a test done for the bacteria and they found none! Needless to say that she is ecstatic and of course I am very happy for her, too. I was planning to share this success on the forum, but thought I would write back to you first. I originally purchased Spooky to try to help my husband who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March last year. I started using it in November last year. By that time he already had received immunotherapy ( BCG Vaccine applied intravesically into the bladder) after his tumor was removed by TURB.

Originally he had both CIS (carcinoma in situ) and Grade 3 tumor, both of which are highly aggressive. Currently, he has CIS only, but this is considered dangerous, too. I have been trying the frequency sets for bladder cancer, but obviously these were not helping with the CIS. Recently I started using some of the cancer general sets in addition, as well as the BXBY trio set following the directions in the Spooky 2 cancer guide released in April. I also run detox and immune stimulation sets after the cancer sets. I only use one generator, with booster cable and utilize both contact and remote modes.

I use BN remote. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I have had excellent results and a grumpy dentist. I used the I Uk’J peridontal 1 & 2 in killing mode for two weeks as I had a lot of infection. Used various types of h waves just to make sure. I did not have any days off as I did not want bacteria to reproduce again. I ran detox programs and also ran support programs for liver, kidney, lymphatics, adrenal and thyroid. Felt really bad for the first few days I spite of drinking plenty of fluids.

These spooky’s area amazing but it is wise to let someone know if you are using them for killing.


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