Fast Healing with Remote and Plasma!

By | July 1, 2024

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell about some of my most memorable experiences with Spooky2. My sister had skin cancer on her eyelids so I used Spooky2 remote for her and within a week the cancer had shrunk and finally disappeared completely.

My favorite experience for my self was: I had had a tooth infection that spread to my entire left upper jaw. I used spooky2 remote and plasma. The infection went down to the front infected tooth and then completely disappeared after 2 weeks. The only problem I had left was a spot above the tooth that kept bleeding. Two weeks ago that disappeared after I noticed a lump in the area were it was bleeding and rubbed it off, It was a small piece of tooth or bone. The bleeding stopped after that.

One other thing, I started using the plasma for for chakra clearing and charging and my REM and deep sleep started maxing out and has every night I ran it. Love Spooky2!!

Ya all take care.


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